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13 July 2010

A Day in the Life

I woke up this morning {after Olivia slept through the night for the first time in almost two weeks} and the only thing on our agenda today was to iron three pairs of pants for David. First, let me tell you, I NEVER iron. Unlike my friend Michele who irons everything except her underwear, I only iron things if I absolutely, positively have to. {Until yesterday, I didn't even have a full sized ironing board.} It's not that I don't like to - because I actually think it's kind of therapeutic - it's just that I rarely see the need to these days. So, why then was I going to iron those pants? Well, I did about 5 loads of laundry yesterday and folded about 9. Say that again? Yeah, when you do the math, you see there's a difference of 4 loads. I did those about a week ago. You picturing the wrinkles?

Just kidding, JILL, my organized laundry room makes doing laundry FUN!
I fold things the second they come out of the dryer!

So, like I was saying, no real plans today. But, I had this box of finger paint and a blow-up pool that had been calling our names for the last few weeks. Today, the sun made its way out early and in full effect and so we threw both of those activities onto our to-do list.

I sent a last minute email to our friend Sarah inviting her and her daughter, Kendall, over to play. And, I'm so glad they were able to come down. We had a fabulous time hanging out and enjoying the gorgeous weather. The finger painting may have been a little too advanced messy for the girls, but the pool was a HIT. Water + Babies = No Brainer.

I'm hoping Sarah got some good pictures of the painting. You can see a little bit of orange in Olivia's hair. Way to match your swimsuit, baby!

Olivia has definitely found her voice. I'm pretty sure she's telling me to wipe her mouth off here.

The girls left and I realized the other thing on my to-do list was to figure out what to fix for dinner. {I knew it was going to be tough to top my pan-seared fish with garlic and capers from the night before.} Fortunately David called and wanted to meet for dinner since he was going to have to work late. We quickly cleaned ourselves up and headed over for some authentic chicken enchiladas.

Oh, Hey there, Blue eyes

When I say, "we cleaned up," I really mean that I put some clothes on Olivia and threw a headband on my hair to pull back the 'hair wings'. That's why there are no pics of me.

She's got 'hair wings' too.
And, notice where her hand is? I thought she only did that to me. Phew.

I ended up taking Olivia to the grocery store after dinner to get some frozen dinners for David. Poor Guy was completely out of food at the office. He ate heads of romaine lettuce for lunch today. I may be succeeding in my mommy duties, but I failed at that wifely one!

I literally had to pull the car over to the side of the road on the way home - she kept making fish lips and I just HAD to get it on camera!

Olivia, Sit Still!
Thanks, Nana, for teaching her that one!

We came home, had the World's Fastest Bath, and Olivia was asleep before I could say my nightly prayer. That's what only one nap and a jam-packed, no plans day will get you.

She's not complaining.

Will you look at that hair?!

Oh, and those three pairs of pants? Yep, still laying across the ironing board waiting to be ironed. Maybe tomorrow...

Happy Tuesday from the Central Coast!


Mom Cooper said...

Good for you for not worrying about those pants. Ironing is always last on my list of chores to get done. Keep enjoying these times with Olivia!

Irma said...

After a long hard day at work and flying back home this evening, it was so nice to see such beautiful pictures of Olivia! They put a smile on my face.

(BTW...I HATE to iron...and won't do it unless my life depends on it! Probably because when I was young we ironed everything! Guess like I feel like I've done my time on that one.)