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04 January 2013

My Christmas Birthday Girl

I know that I am probably biased, but I have to say that babies born on the 25th of any month are pretty much AWESOME.  I mean, I was born on the 25th {of April}.  Sydney was born on the 25th {of August}. And, Jesus Christ himself was born on the 25th {of December}.  Okay, so I know that last one is probably not the truth, but you get what I'm saying...

So, on Christmas day, we had a huge celebration for Sydney's 16 month birthday.  She got to open up presents galore! And pig out on all sorts of yummy food! What a lucky girl.  

Oh my sweet Sydney...You've had two doctor's appointments this week -- our final one with the pediatric surgeon and your 15 month well check {yeah yeah, a little behind on that one}.  You are all cleared from the surgery -- your scar should be almost completely faded in the next 6 months and there are no signs of the mass growing back. {YAY!}  At your well check yesterday, you weighed in at 24 pounds and were 34.5 inches tall.  {Although, the day before they measured you at 32 inches...}  You wanted nothing to do with the doctor so he checked you over as quickly as possible.  He did a quick check of your mouth and informed me you have 8 more teeth on your way in.  EIGHT.  That's how many you have in your mouth now.  Poor thing, you had to get 4 shots and you screamed your little head off before they even gave you the first one.  Lucky for you I had a dum-dum stashed in my sleeve and gave it to you the second they were done.

I guess I felt so put on the spot at your appointment because when your doctor asked me what words you were saying, I could only come up with Mama, Dada and ball.  So, of course, ever since then you you've been saying uh-oh, WOW, shooz {shoes} Mahnum, and ticka ticka ticka {which is tickle tickle tickle}.  You are also signing more, all done, book and eat.  You LOVE books and your favorites are the Peek-A-Boo books and Pat the Bunny.  At the end of the Pat the Bunny book, Paul and Judy are waving goodbye and their arms are raised up in the air.  Every time we read the book, you raise your arm up high in the sky. I love it so much.

You want to do anything and everything that your big sister does.  It's so sweet to watch you two play side by side {even if it only lasts for a few minutes}.  The other day she was playing with a few toys in the family room and you had access to her box of princesses.  I sat and watched as you stood the princess figurines up side-by-side and did exactly what your sister does when she plays with them.  It's amazing how much you observe and put in that pretty little head of yours.  

I love you so much and I'm so lucky to be the recipient of your endless hugs, kisses and snuggles.  
Happy 16 Months!
{a week+ late}


Poppy said...

She is a keeper for sure Sis!.. I was so touched last night when we came over and she came up to me on the couch and just hugged me for the longest time.

Love that Lil girl sooo much!


Mom Cooper said...

Sydney, there are no words to express how blessed I feel to be in your life (daily). I have enjoyed watching you grow and learn new things. I too love those hugs and neck sugar. Sydney you are one loved little girl.

I thank God daily for my two granddaughters and I pray he will continue to watch over you both.

I love you better than a cat loves cream.