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01 January 2013

Two out of Eighty Ain't Bad

When my brother was in town for Thanksgiving, we had him take some pictures of us for our Christmas card.  Oh my gosh, it would seriously have taken a miracle worker to get some good shots.  He took about 80 pictures in different locations and we managed to have TWO of them turn out good enough for our Christmas card.  I guess trying to get all five of us smiling and looking at the camera is asking a lot, but we love the idea of having a picture of the whole family.  So, thanks Ryan for putting up with us and thanks to Mom for trying to get everyone to laugh!

1 comment:

Mom Cooper said...

Well it only takes one (in this case two) good one to make a cute card. I really thought it all turned out nice. The process to get the end result, well that's another story for another day.