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20 January 2013

Three More Til Four

I had every intention of writing up this little post on the 17th, but the sickies sort of struck the Michelson ladies and today is the first day that I've actually felt like doing anything more than laying in a dark room.  So, my apologies to the birthday girl.

I know I say this every time, but I can't believe how fast time has flown.  In THREE months, you will be a whopping four years old! How in the world is that even possible?  Didn't I just announce to the world that you were in my belly?!  Oh, girl, how you have rocked our world for the better!

You are feisty beyond belief and gentle and kind at the same time.  You can {try and} give us an earful  in one minute and then be sweet and complimentary in the next breath.

For the past couple of weeks {or has it been going on longer}, you have been waking in the night {not every night, but some of them} and crawling into bed with us.  I love snuggling up with you at night...except when you sleep sideways and take up the entire bed.

Your favorite thing right now is singing.  You sing all the time.  You sing at school, you sing in the car and you sing {loudly} before you go to sleep.  Your favorite songs right now are from the Sofia the First movie/show.  After watching the shows a few times, you practically had the songs memorized.  I downloaded them for you and since then you have really perfected them.  I think I'm going to see you on Broadway someday!  {Here's a clip of you singing a Sofia song the first day I downloaded it.}

{You put this outfit together yourself.}

You are getting to be so good at riding your bike and tonight we had fun riding as a family to the playground with you.  I'm thinking it only gets better from here!  Love you a bushel and a peck...

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Mom Cooper said...

Oh Olivia, I want you to slow down but I am anxious to see where you are headed as you continue to grow up. You are so precious to me as my first granddaughter. I look forward to seeing what you will accomplish in this coming year.