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16 January 2013

Happy Grins

My big girl went to her first dentist appointment this morning!  {Yes, she was overdue...I told you I am behind on lots of things.} I sort of procrastinated because I was worried that she would freak out over it, but she did great!  David took her so I could stay home with Sydney who is sadly under the weather.  I made him take the small camera and told him to take lots of pictures.  YES, I am that mom making him be that dad.  He did such a great job too, texting me updates non-stop!  Anyway, I was worried that she would have cavities, but the girl is cavity-free!  Woo Hoo!

Watching Enchanted.

How cute is that?  Her doctor's name is Dr. Happy!


Mom Cooper said...

She was such a brave big girl. Nana is so proud of her.

Poppy said...

Our little Olivia is growing up. I am so impressed with her every day.
Love her to the moon and back!