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07 January 2013

Christmas 2012, Round 2

We were so lucky to have Grandma and Poppa come to visit us last week!  We hadn't seen them since May, so it was so wonderful to catch up with them.  Of course, they showered the girls with gifts and we ate like kings while they were here, so basically it was an AMAZING week on all accounts!

She was so excited for her second Christmas!

Loved this little beach bag to put all of her swim gear in when she goes to lessons!

Grandma and Poppa carried on a huge pink box filled with princess dress-up clothes just for Olivia.  
She LOVES them!

Day 2 = More presents!

Grandma got Olivia the most sparkly, princess bike there was!  She was so excited and went out immediately to ride on it.  She is a pro and has ridden it every single day since she got it.

It took Sydney awhile to warm up to Grandma and Poppa, but by the time they were ready to leave she was giving kisses and even crawled up in Poppa's lap for a story.

We had so much fun hanging out together and were even able to enjoy some adult only time.  Irma made us her super yummy spaghetti bolognese and we went to see the funny Parental Guidance.  Thanks again, Peter and Irma, for coming to visit us and spoiling him rotten!

1 comment:

Poppy said...

Now you guys (Peter & Irma) get to see what Nana and Poppy experience everyday. These girls are amazing.

Love them soooo much!