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13 January 2013

Whoa, What a Week!

This may be an incredibly boring blog post. {Sorry in advance.} Aren't all iPhone dumps?  That's really what this is.  I've got to get caught up because my nights have been filled with Homeland episodes and early bedtimes.  But, I have some strange OCD where I can't leave out any photographed activity from this dear old blog.  So here we go....

Last Sunday, we went to Desert Breeze to celebrate Zack's 1st birthday.  The girls had fun playing in the sand, riding the train and carousel and feeding the ducks.  And, Olivia enjoyed her lunch of Skittles {that she sneakily ate while I was chatting with some other parents}.

Jackie held Sydney during the train ride...all the kids rode in the caboose.  
You can tell she's a big sister!

On Tuesday, Olivia went back to school.  So Sydney and I cleaned the windows and had a picnic lunch together.  It was glorious.

On Wednesday, we were finally able to meet up with Marsha, Michael and Jessica.  It had been way too long since we had hung out with them and it was so good to finally reconnect.  We met up at the Children's Museum and even though it took twice the amount of time to get there than usual, it was most definitely worth it.

Oh my gosh - the cutest thing happened when the kids were up in the fort room.  Olivia closed her eyes and laid down {and then Sydney followed suit}.  Michael kept screaming for her to wake up and so she got up and whispered in my ear, "If Michael wants me to wake up, tell him he has to kiss me."  So, I told him to kiss her on the cheek and he planted a big one right on her lips.  They both cracked up laughing and wiped their faces.
Too Funny.

On Thursday, I decided it had been far too long since I had done a real grocery store trip, so after I dropped Liv off at school, I headed over to Fry's.  I no more than parked the car, turned around and Sydney was asleep.  So, I carried her around the grocery store like this for an hour.

On Friday, Mom and I took both girls back to the Children's Museum.  We love that place and I'm so thankful we have a membership that allows us to go for free {including my mom}.  It is to the point with both girls that I really don't think I could go by myself.  Not without going crazy at least.  They both want to run around and it never seems to be in the same direction.  I would have to lock us in the 3 & Under room if I went by myself.  So, thanks Mom for going with us.

Playing Sleeping Beauty with Sydney.  

The girls had so much fun with these Magna Tiles and the light up table.  They could have stayed here for another hour if we'd have let them.

On Saturday, we laid low for most of the day.  I woke to this was the best way to wake up.

Still can't figure out if Olivia woke Sydney up or heard her awake and then went in there.
They were both happy campers though.

We ended up going to Amazing Jake's Saturday evening..  We all had a good time - Olivia went crazy on the roller coaster ride and the Frog Hopper and I about got sick from the Tea Cups and Carousel.  If we manage to stay healthy over the next week then we are the real winners here!  That place is a germaphobe's worst nightmare.

Aaaannnndd....we're all caught up.
Do you guys feel as good as I do now?

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