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21 January 2013

Snickerdoodles and Shrinky Dinks

It is safe to say that I am a control freak.  No, my house is not crazy cleaned or straightened up all the time {although, man oh man,  I would love it if it was}, but I have a hard time letting other people do things that I think I can do better.  This includes my husband {sorry, babe} and my kids.  Doing a craft project?  Gotta be Pinterest Perfect.  And, I know that's not much fun for the kiddos.  

I'm doing better at letting Olivia's projects be hers and not mine.  It was fun letting her do the small gingerbread house with her friends and letting her decorate it as she pleased.  Today, we had our first experience with Shrinky Dinks and I had to just let her go with the coloring {err, scribbling} on her little princess pictures.  Fortunately, she let me have a few to do too...I needed in on the Shrinky Dink fun as well!

While I like to call myself a control freak, you could also say that I'm a bit of a helicopter mom.  I may hover a little too close to the girls because I don't want to see them get into trouble or see them get hurt, but I'm trying to give a little more space and a little more freedom to my almost four year old.  

Today, we rode our bikes over to Nana and Poppy's house for a quick visit.  I just google mapped it and realized that she rode her little bike for 3.4 miles round trip.  SUCH a big girl.  Was it scary at some points?  Yes - I don't like those cars even being on the same road as us.  But, now is the best time for her to learn the rules of the road.  And, the best time for us to teach her while Sydney is riding in the Chariot and not on a bike herself.  

And, bless her heart, I had promised her that we would ride to the playground after our stop at mom and dad's house and Sydney was just not having it.  Poor girl is still sick and it probably wasn't my brightest idea to have her out and about.  So, we had to cancel the playground at the last minute and she cried and pedaled the last few minutes home.  We made up for it with some snickerdoodle baking.  And, I let her make the first batch on her own.  {And, then I made some pretty ones for the second batch.  Baby steps.}

Horrible picture of her...sorry Liv.

They looked like Chick-Fil-A chicken nuggets before they got baked.  Ha ha.


Poppy said...

Ok....let me thry this for the third time. That was an awesome trip for Olivia. Over 3 miles for her first big bike trip. Wow! And the cookies look so delicious. I sure hope there is some left over for Poppy.

You are definitely a Super Mom Sis!

Love you girls!


Mom Cooper said...

I agree with Poppy you are a wonderful Mom Amanda. You do lots of fun things with the girls all the time. I too am proud of Olivia for riding her bike that whole way. BTW you get your "helicopter/hovering" over your children directly from me. There could be worse things tho.

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