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01 January 2013

The First of Our 2012 Christmas Celebrations

Holy Smokes.  You guys, it's 2013 already and I haven't posted anything about our Christmas celebrations.  I didn't end 2012 on a strong blogging note, but maybe I get some extra credit for blogging on the 1st day of the new year?

We generally go to Christmas Eve service before coming home {or to Nana and Poppy's} and opening the Christmas gifts from our family.  But, we decided this year with the kids it would probably be best to go to the service on Sunday.  So, on Christmas Eve, we had our big meal with a yummy ham and all the fixins and then started opening all of our presents.

Cue the replay of Christmas Eve {and Christmas morning} in a gazillion pictures:

Every year we say we are going to scale back.  It always looks like this.
{And I like it.}

She was so proud to be the present passer-outer.  
{Although it only lasted a few minutes.}

Look at that excitement!

My poor Dad -- I got him two new mops.
{But we also got him two tickets to Fleetwood Mac!}
{Can I go with?!}

Uncle Rhino gives the best gifts!

"That's just what I've always wanted!"

After about 10 minutes, David took over passing out the presents and had them all organized and sorted according to size, color and recipient.  {Okay, just recipient, but still...}


So, after the kiddos went to bed, David and I played Santa Claus and got the stockings all ready for the next morning.  {This is what it looked like before Nana and Poppy brought over the stockings Santa left at their house.}

Of course, it had to be Christmas Eve when Sydney would have trouble sleeping.  After being awake for over 3.5 hours, I finally got her {and me} to sleep in her chair around 7:30.  Next thing I knew, I could hear Olivia screaming about how Santa left her Brave panties.  I jolted up and immediately thought that she had gone through all of her stocking, but thankfully she had just pulled the package of panties out and was ready to put them on.  {Best gift of the year?!}  Anyway, that sort of explains why instead of wearing her Christmas pajamas, she was dressed as Merida.  Sometimes you just gotta let go of some of your mom expectations.

LOVE this baby.

Olivia basically got double the Christmas gifts since she's just taken over all of Sydney's.  

Hold 'em tight, sweet girl!

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and the Happiest of New Years!

Stay tuned because in a couple of days I will post the second Christmas celebration with Grandma Irma and Poppa Peter!

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Mom Cooper said...

I love experiencing Christmas through the eyes of children and you can see by these pictures it was a success. Even tho there were a lot of gifts under the tree I felt the true spirit of Christmas throughout the whole season.

I'm thankful our family was together to enjoy the festivities and thankful too that Poppa Peter and Grandma Irma were able to be with you all to share in this exciting time.