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03 July 2014

Another Summer in SLO, Part 14 {Avila Barn with Espen}

One of my favorite people on the Central Coast just happens to be one of the lovely ladies who helped make our wedding as stylish and gorgeous as it was.  I love that we have been able to keep in touch and stay friends over the last six years.  She's also a mama of a sweet little two year old, Espen, and so naturally we wanted to meet up to get the kids together.  They had swim lessons down in Avila, so the barn was an obvious choice.

We fed the animas {and Sydney was super brave!}, walked all over the grounds, and then got some fruit and taffy.  Three trips to the barn and I haven't had my favorite taffy yet.  I'm guessing that means we need to make a trip back!

➹ Olivia said, "That turkey is so pretty!" WHAT?!  She said his head was rainbowy.  It could be covered in diamonds and I wouldn't think it was pretty! ➹

➹ Pickin' squash! ➹

➹ Children of the corn! ➹

 ➹ Making silly faces! ➹

I'm going to miss all of these sweet friends when we head home.  I realized a couple of nights ago that we've been out here more days than we have left and that makes me a little sad. {That being said, I'll be really glad to get home where Sydney sleeps 12 hours straight! }

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Mom Cooper said...

These were really neat pictures. I like the one where Espen is on the tractor. Looks like he is taking the girls for a spin.

Precious memories for all.