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05 July 2014

Another Summer in SLO, Part 16 {Children's Museum and Blues Baseball}

We found ourselves with a free morning on Wednesday, and after finding out story time at the library was cancelled, we met up with Kendall and Kate at the Children's Museum.  Do not even get me started on how awesome it is to put both girls in the stroller and then WALK to the museum.  Yes, it was uphill both ways {seriously, it was}, but those 1400 steps each way were worth it.  I loved not having to worry about parking my car somewhere, and being outside on a gorgeous day is the best.

Olivia remembered being at the museum before, and it is so great that she's at an age/maturity level, where I don't feel like I need to watch her all the time to make sure she is behaving or staying out of trouble.  Sydney, on the other hand, needs pretty much constant supervision.  When she is sweet, she is so sweet, but when she is feisty, watch out.  I tried to explain to Olivia the other day that when you mess with the bull, you are going to get the horns, but it's not easy giving out that warning to all the other kids at the museum/park/playground. 😉

➹ Looking a little bit like Stevie Nicks here. ➹

On Wednesday evening, we met up with the Sarahs for the SLO Blues Baseball game.  I had no idea what to expect, but it was great.  It was so kid-friendly.  They had a gymnastics obstacle course set up as well as a bounce house.  Olivia spent almost the entire time we were there doing that obstacle course.  She LOVED it.  Sydney kept attempting the obstacle course until she had to wait in line and then she'd just skip that part.  Oy, my Sydney girl.  

➹ What a view! ➹

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Mom Cooper said...

Did Olivia notice the lady that had a skirt on similar to the one she loves to wear all the time?

Looks like a fun time. Better than watching the ballgame I'm sure!