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22 July 2014

Second Day of Kindergarten

Two days down!  Which means....178 early mornings to go!

This early morning business is for the birds, y'all!  This two kids going to two different schools is no joke.  And, really, I only had Meet the Teacher this morning with Sydney, so that doesn't even count.  Maybe it's the heat.  I'll blame it on the 111 degree weather {which peaked right when we were walking to and from school this afternoon}.  It's definitely the heat.  And the early mornings.  

Anyway, we are surviving.  Some of us better than others {I'm talking about you, Olivia}.  She's really doing great at school.  I would expect her to be exhausted come bedtime, but last night it was after 9 before she fell asleep, and it's 8:30 now and she's still wide awake.  We are night owls.

Yesterday after school, she begged me to let her buy her lunch from the cafeteria.  Seriously?!  I mean, that's just wrong on so many levels.  1).  We own 12 different lunch boxes/bags and at least 25 cool containers to go in them.  2).  I've been stressing all summer about what to put in my picky eater's lunch to make sure she had filling/healthy food.  3). I write little notes to her in all of her lunches.  Pretty sure her $2.50 plate lunch isn't going to have an I love you from the ladies in the hairnets.  And, I already mentioned this, but 4). She's soooo picky!  But, today was pizza day, and so I figured, I would let her try it.  Honestly, I had more anxiety over her day at school today than I did yesterday all because of this whole lunch buying business.  When I picked her up after school, the first thing she said to me was, "I did NOT like the pizza today!  Please make my lunch every single day of Kindergarten!"  So glad that there will be $22.50 sitting in her lunch account all year. 

She made it home before me and Little Miss Lollygagger Sydney and when I walked in the house she was elbow-deep in a giant container of goldfish crackers with her my beloved iPad and headphones on.  I basically saw her teenage years right then and there.  And, seriously, she didn't stop eating until dinner was done.  Turns out she ate a cup of applesauce and drank some apple juice for lunch.  

Tonight at dinner, I asked her if she missed me while she was at school or if she keeps so busy that she doesn't have time to miss me.  She said, "How do you want me to answer that?"  Ummm, truthfully?  And she said, "Sometimes at school, I forget I even have a mom."  

So, yeah, I'll be making that lunch tomorrow.  And, her love note will just be a giant picture of me.

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Poppy said...

This was an awesome blog. So many funny stories and memories coming your alls way. This blog is gonna be even more interesting to follow. Love it!