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20 July 2014

Twas the Night Before Kindergarten

Can you believe I'm done posting about our summer?!  Well, I am.  And, just in time too, because school starts TOMORROW!  Holy smokes - it seriously seems like we just had Pre-K graduation a few weeks ago.  This whole year-round school schedule shortens the summers quite a bit.  I'm really not complaining - we had our share of fun this summer, and come october, we will really enjoy our two week fall break!

So, getting ready for kindergarten this past week wasn't as hard core as coming in for Pre-K last year two weeks behind.  Most of our stuff was set in place from that, and I had already ordered new backpacks for the girls before we left.

Even though her kindergarten teacher provides her with all of her necessary supplies, I couldn't not take my big girl back-to-school supply shopping.  So, we found the donation wish list on the school website and headed to Target!

That evening, we went to her school to meet her teacher and some of her classmates at Meet the Teacher night.  Her teacher is the sweetest, and I feel so grateful that we got such a wonderful teacher to start off the next 13 years of her schooling!

We decided to do a little back to school breakfast this morning with cinnamon rolls {because I know better than to fix that for her on her first day of school}.  We woke her up early to help her get used to waking up early {way to go, mom, doing that one day before school starts...} and we invited her neighbor friend over for a day of fun.  We even did a practice walk to school to see how long it would take us {and we learned it takes longer with Sydney}.

Nana and Poppy came over this afternoon to go swimming and to have a little back-to-school dinner with us.  We did our best to get the girls down early, and Olivia got the royal treatment by getting stories from Nana, David, and me.  And, pretty soon, I'm going to crawl into her bed and snuggle up with her all night tonight.  Because, tomorrow, my sweet baby girl is going to kindergarten!

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Mom Cooper said...

I am having tears as I write this, but they are tears of happiness for my sweet granddaughter (Olivia told me last night I couldn't call her grand baby any longer because she is now going to kindergarten). I've got news for you Olivia, you will always be my grand baby, even on the day you enter high school.

Yes, I have tears but I am excited for her as she begins this new chapter in her life. I have no doubt that she will do great things in this new chapter. I just hope she remembers to have fun while she is doing it.

Love this precious grand baby to pieces.