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19 July 2014

Another Summer in SLO, Part 25 {Saying Goodbye to Sweet Friends with Sweet Foods}

Well, we had one more thing to check off of our SLO Summer Bucket List, and that was a FroYo date with friends.  What better way to swallow the bitter pill of leaving than with frozen yogurt?!  And, when one of our favorite families couldn't make it to that date, well, we just sugar coated it with a donut date that very morning.

➹ Jacob needs his own jacobsdonutface hashtag! ➹

We had a little {errr, bigger than little really} meltdown with Olivia since this wasn't our usual donut place and it didn't have her usual type of donut and the one I thought she wanted wasn't really the one she wanted and well, she ended up crying a lot and having to spend part of the date in the car with David.  But, she got it together and ended up loving the cinnamon twist donut that I got her, probably more than what she thought she wanted, and we still got to spend some quality time with our favorite boys.

And, I just love this next series of pictures.  Getting Jacob to smile for the camera.  Ha.

➹ William is not sure what Sydney is up to... ➹

We did our best to burn off as much of the sugar as we could before putting more in our bodies.  I know I did -- walking up a giant hill pushing over 70 pounds of children.  

We are so thankful for the sweet friends that we have in the happiest place in America, and for all of the fun memories they helped us make during our time there.

Bucket List Complete!

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Mom Cooper said...

There is nothing but sweetness in this post. Amanda, you are so good a capturing the neatest pictures. They seem to tell the whole story. Love this.