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16 July 2014

Another Summer in SLO, Part 24 {One More Miscellaneous}

I think the next post I do will be our saying goodbye to friends post, so this is almost the end! {Well, now that I think about it, there's the pit stop in Palm Springs post and the sister photo shoot post, so...}

The day after we had our sister photo shoot, I took Sydney in to this really posh salon to get her hair cut.  She has the most perfect straight hair, but it is always getting in her face and she rarely lets me pull it back.  I wish that I could have gotten her in before the photo shoot because now when I look at those pictures it just seems SO long {even though it really isn't, especially compared to Olivia's}, but I didn't think about it before then.

Olivia was spending the afternoon at Kendall's, so Sydney and I got to have a little Mommy/Daughter date.  After her haircut, I took her to Batch to split an ice cream/cookie sandwich.  I ate the cookies and she ate the ice cream.  It was perfect.

The next morning, we had a donut/pj/movie party while I babysat Kendall and Kate.  I think we ended up trying to watch at least 4 different shows/movies to keep their attention.  Maybe the donuts weren't the best idea if we wanted them to be still.  Since there were no kid movies playing at the drive-in during our visit, we counted that for our bucket list.  Hashtag worksforme

That afternoon, I took the girls to Old Navy and Target to return/exchange some things.  While we were there, Sydney had a little mini photo shoot with her new BFF.

And, well, at some point I took these two pictures.  I think it was right before David and I went out to dinner for our anniversary and Sarah babysat the girls.  Of course, there are no pictures of us on our anniversary again this year...

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Mom Cooper said...

Syd takes cute pictures no matter the length of her hair, but I do like it a bit shorter too. The bucket list is complete, the million pictures are taken and evan tho you have more to post and are back home in AZ, I'm guessing the next photo shoot will be Olivia's debut in Kindergarten. Can't wait to see those too.