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10 July 2014

Another Summer in SLO, Part 20 {Miscellaneous Weekend Happenins}

Our fabulous Social Coordinator, Sarah, was out of town with her family for the 4th and so that pretty much left us with very little to no plans.  And, I have to admit, I was pretty okay with that.  We've been doing a lot more than we do at home, so it was nice to have some down time / no agenda.

Of course, our weekend filled up pretty quickly, but we still managed to find some time to relax.  On Saturday, David and I did a Costco run with the girls {where I loaded our cart with way too much fruit} while David ordered a pizza at their outdoor food court.  He also picked up a pair of matching hiking shoes for us...early wedding anniversary present?  While the girls and David ate pizza in the car, I ran into Old Navy next door looking for some outfits for some special photo shoots that were scheduled for a few days later.  Oh, it was nice shopping by myself - even if it wasn't for me.

➹ I got her a new shirt, and apparently it turned her into a teenager. ➹

Saturday evening, we went back over to see the Riley boys {oh we just can't get enough of them}.  Sarah graciously invited us over for dinner and sparklers again.  We learned a little too late that we should have fed the kids first and then had them run around/dance/ride bikes on the driveway while we ate and tried to have a conversation.  Next time!  Regardless, it was lots of fun and we stayed out way too late.  Thankfully, we changed Sydney into a diaper and jammies before we left because she passed out in the car about 2 minutes into the short drive home!

On Sunday morning, we met up with my friend Kristin and her two kiddos at Throop Park.  Before this play date, I had only hung out with Kristin maybe twice, but I have always thought that she was just the sweetest person!  We've connected over Facebook and Instagram, and she is friends with all the Sarahs and our other circle of friends out here, so it is only natural that we would be friends.  David went to the park with us and played with the big kids, so we were actually able to have a conversation!  It was so nice.  And, I was surprised at how well Olivia got along with Kristin's little boy, Reed, seeing as how they had never really hung out before.  And, don't get me started on how adorable little Livie Rae is!

After our play date, we drove around Cal Poly and then stopped over for a sandwich at High Street Deli.  Sadly, the line was almost out the door and the kiddos were ready to be home.  So, I sent David in for some of those dangerously delicious, Doobie Snacks.  

On Sunday evening, we went into Katie's shop after hours for a special fashion show with the girls.  This is their favorite thing to do there, and I feel like it is always hectic when the girls do it when the shop is open.  They had SO much fun.  Katie is such a gem to let the girls try on clothes, shoes and purses, and she just always makes them feel so special.  They are super lucky to have such a crazy, fun "Aunt Katie" in their lives.

➹ This was the favorite of the night, so of course it had to come home with us! ➹

➹ The Grand Finale ➹

Alright, two more and then we are caught up through Monday.  Can you hang with me for one more minute?  

On Monday, we met up with friends for our pizza picnic lunch that was on our SLO Summer Bucket List.  It was a chaotic morning and we were late as usual, but the kiddos had fun.  I tried to get Sydney to nap since we had pictures scheduled for that night, but it didn't happen, so I had to get us out of the house.  We walked down the street to the park and found a new sidewalk drawing that just begged for a picture.

Shoot, for a relaxed/no plans weekend, that felt like a lot of work.

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Mom Cooper said...

Each post is better than the one before. The pictures at Kate's shop are so cute. I especially like the one of Sydney as a sumo looking wrestler!

I know your time is winding down but you all have packed in more activities in this short time than a lot of parents do in a year.