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06 July 2014

Another Summer in SLO, Part 17 {Kendall's Park and Chickens}

It's late, I'm tired, and I'm starting to fall behind in blogging, so this one's going to be short and sweet.

This past Thursday consisted of going to Kendall's park, Sydney napping {quite possibly the highlight of my day!}, spending some quality time with Olivia, and walking around Farmers Market. I'm sure there was some other stuff in the day, but let's just call those the top five.  Even though there are only four.  {Sydney's nap counts double!}

But, what about those chickens, right?  Well, on the way to the Farmers Market, we saw a group of about 10 chickens.  We had seen a couple on the sidewalk earlier in the week, but this time there was someone outside with the chickens, so we got the scoop.  They stick close to the house and their coop, but also walk around on the sidewalks some.  So far, none of them have been hurt.  Our favorites were the youngest ones, and they were super fuzzy.  They are bearded silkies and will get even fuzzier as they get older.  The girls LOVED them, and Sydney chased them all over the yard trying to talk to them!

Highlights in pictures:

➹ MARIA!! ➹

1 comment:

Mom Cooper said...

I have never seen chickens quite like those. Do they lay eggs for the owners?

I just love the pictures with Olivia and Kendall. Such sweet memories. And Maria, the girls will always remember Maria.

There are so many adorable pictures from your time in SLO this summer, Olivia will have a hard time picking out pictures for her little photo book I got her.