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08 July 2014

Another Summer in SLO, Part 18 {Cayucos Parade}

If you remember from last year, we celebrated part of the 4th up in Cayucos, a town of 3,000 that swells to over 30,000 for Independence Day.  Last year, we weren't able to make it up for the big parade because of David's incoming flight {and let's be honest, because we're the Michelsons and getting anywhere by 10am is a struggle}, but this year we really wanted to try!  And, miracle of miracles, WE MADE IT....

...Wiiittthhh a little help from our friends!  We made it into Cayucos about 35 minutes before the parade was set to start, but just imagine what it is like finding a parking spot in a tiny town with 10,000 times the amount of residents in it.  Not an easy feat.  After finding one spot we thought might work, we unloaded and then realized we were probably in the way of the parade participants and needed to move.  Thankfully, our fabulous wedding planners, Niki and Jonnell, have an office on the parade route and let us park our car behind it in their lot.  Of course, that required David driving ON the parade route right before the parade, but our car was nice and secure the whole morning.  

The skies were overcast, so it was a bit muggy, but it was nice not to sit under the blaring sun.  And, this time I remembered to apply sunscreen!  We enjoyed watching the parade, and during the down time, I painted the girls' faces with some face paint I bought the night before.  Olivia had a blast running into the street for candy, even though she tried most of them and didn't like them!  

After the parade, we walked around with Niki's family and grabbed some pizza.  I feel that this needs to be mentioned -- Olivia is super picky.  {Not as picky as my favorite kid I babysat for who only ate pizza and chicken nuggets, but she's pretty selective.}  Most of the time, she won't eat pizza by the slice because there is too much sauce.  Well, we stopped for a quick pizza by the slice and she devoured her slice...and even a second!  So, I am pretty much declaring Ocean Front Pizza in Cayucos the best pizza have on the 4th of July.  

Wanna see some pictures?  Like, a lot of pictures?  Okay, here we go...

➹ Pirate Steve! ➹

➹ Loved this Steel Pan Band of kids.  They sounded amazing! ➹

➹ Showing off her firework! ➹

➹ This should show just how big the parade is.  We weren't even at the very beginning. ➹

➹ I'm going to start charging for my artwork! ➹

Believe it or not, we have more to share from our 4th of July, but I'm going to save that for later {because I haven't uploaded the pictures}.  So, stay tuned! 

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Mom Cooper said...

I am very impressed with the face painting job. You need to set up a little booth someplace.

The parade looked fun. Glad you made it there this time.