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09 July 2014

Another Summer in SLO, Part 19 {The 4th at Jacob's Ranch}

After our fun morning at the parade in Cayucos, we headed back down to our SLO home to rest for a couple of hours before heading over to Jacob's ranch.  His neighbors were having a block party, and Sarah invited us to crash the party {as we tend to do on the 4th}!

There was more food, face painting, dirt, and farm animals.  Hello, is there anything more American than all of that?!

We spent a good amount of time down by the arena where the cows were, and Mr. Olson came down and showed the kiddos how to feed them.  Olivia waited patiently while he was talking to some other adults because she wanted to know why the cows had numbered tags in their ears.  He explained to her that it was a way to identify them, like a name, and then he said, "Hey, you want to ride a horse?" Her face lit up like it was the best day of her life!  He ended up taking her on three rides and she loved every second of them.  

He even took Sydney on a ride.  She has a tough time warming up to some older men {which is strange since her Poppy is probably her most favorite person}.  Mr. Olson tried working his magic before the horse ride, and she just wasn't having it.  After the horse ride, however....that was a different story!

After a lot of playtime on the ranch, we went back to Jacob's house and lit some sparklers and fireworks.  Sydney was a little hesitant of them, and I'm sort of thankful that my little firecracker showed some timidness for once! 

We may not have seen large fireworks in the sky on this 4th of July, but the natural beauty that we did see was incredible.

Hope everyone had a Happy 4th of July!

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Mom Cooper said...

You all have had the best experiences again this time in SLO. Glad you are making such great memories and have the pictures to prove it, BUT I am ready for you all to come on back home. I miss my Michelson family so much. Not saying this little respite hasn't been nice, but it's time for you guys to get back. Because then in a week Poppy and I will be off on a trip for three weeks!