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11 August 2016

Miscellaneous July

Here are a few pictures that didn't have a home ;) 

➸➸ The girls have been dressing up in old dance clothes and making up tons of dances lately!  They are so cute to watch, and boy do they have some dance moves! 😳

➸➸  Sydney and I had fun at Hobby Lobby one afternoon...her Poppa Peter used to work for Sinclair oil! (Clearly we did this during Circus Camp week! Ha)

➸➸  We went to see The Secret Life of Pets with Nate!  Nate asked if he and Olivia could sit in a different row than me and Sydney! 😳😳😳

➸➸  The girls had Ava spend the night before school started.  They got root beer floats AND donuts the next morning!  Lucky girls! 

➸➸  Sydney got her hair cut just in time for school to start!  It looks cute long, but OH MAN, I sure do love it when it is short!  We made a whole day of it and got pampered with hair and nails.  :)

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