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09 August 2016

Summer Bucket List: Flagstaff {Day 2}

On our second day in Flagstaff, we decided to do a little bit of hiking.  Because it is so hot here in the desert this time of year, we don't really get to do a lot of things outdoors besides swim, so it was so nice to be able to enjoy the weather AND the gorgeous sites.  We decided to check out some trails near SnowBowl and we weren't disappointed.

{These first pictures were taken outside of our hotel while we waited for David to finish up some work.  It cracks me up because it looks like they were on a major rock climbing adventure!}

{And, here we are at SnowBowl}

After our hike, we stopped at our favorite Mama Burger!  We just can't make a trip to Flagstaff without eating there :)  

I ended up taking the girls swimming in the pool and they nearly froze jumping in the "heated" 82 degree water!  David was not feeling well, so I took the girls to Olive Garden for dinner and then out for ice cream after!  They were so good all day, I felt like they deserved a sweet treat....err, two, since they split a milkshake at Mama Burger!

➹ Truth be told, they didn't finish these cones! ➹

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Mom Cooper said...

Fun times in FLAG. Love all the pictures.