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09 August 2016

Summer Bucket List: Flagstaff {Day 1}

One of the items on our bucket list was to head up north to Flagstaff to escape the desert heat.  Little did my girls know that the dates we picked to go up coincided with our good friends from California who were taking a summer road trip through some western states!  While we only got to spend one day with them {day 3}, we had a blast exploring some new places in Flagstaff.

We headed up on Thursday mid-morning and got to Flagstaff around mid-afternoon.  After checking in to our hotel, we went and found an outdoor park near the Observatory.  Oh, how good it felt to be OUTSIDE enjoying the beautiful weather!

We had never gone to the Lowell Observatory before and decided we would check it out this trip.  It was really neat to explore some of the things there...I wish we could have spent more time there.  Or used our time a little differently.  We listened to a little talk about the planets and it was WAY over the girls' heads, but they had fun afterwards watching some science experiments outside.  We also got to see Mars in the giant telescope!  Right after, Liv saw some ants on a leaf and she seemed wayyyy more excited to see those than the little tiny dot the guy in charge said was Mars, but hey...

Such a great first afternoon in one of my favorite places in Arizona!

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Mom Cooper said...

Nana and Poppy need to take a trip to Flagstaff next time with you. How many times have we said we need to rent a cabin and spend some time in cool Flag.