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13 August 2016

Twenty Years of Dave

Twenty years ago, I went to my first Dave Matthews Band concert at Deer Creek in Noblesville.  I think that show sparked my love for seeing that band live, because in that 20 years, I've been to 70 shows!  (I have an app where I log in each of my shows that I've been to and it keeps track of all the songs I've heard, special guests, venues, etc!  It's awesome!)

A few of my stats:  70 shows, 174 different songs, 31 tours, 11 different states, and while I'm sure most people will think I've spent a ridiculous amount of time and money on shows, to me it is priceless!

This year, I knew I had to get back to Deer Creek to celebrate my 20th anniversary!  I'm so glad Brad and Clark could join us for a hot and humid weekend in Indiana.

➹ Front row behind the pit section! ➹

It was a quick trip back to Indiana, but it was so nice to be able to see a few of my favorite people and eat at a few of my favorite places!  

And, I realized that I never blogged about going back to Indiana a few months earlier for a girls weekend with my friend, Tara!  She was my first real Dave touring buddy and it was so nice to be able to see a show with her again.  We always said we would be old and gray and still stalkin' Dave on tour, and we have kept our word! :)

And, some oldies....

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