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07 August 2016

Summer Bucket List: Random Acts of Kindness

One day, early in our summer break, we came home from errands and saw a couple of guys cutting down and trimming some sissoo trees at a house down the street from us.  I stopped to ask them a few questions about the trees {because while we don't have any in our yard, our neighbor behind us does}.  After we pulled away, we commented on how hot and miserable those guys must have been working hard in that heat.  The girls came up with the idea of giving them some Otter Pops {we had done that for our mail lady a couple days before} and the guys were so excited!  After giving them the Otter Pops, we decided to drive around our neighborhood and pass out more to anyone we saw working outside.  We ended up giving out over 12 Otter Pops!

➹ I have no idea what Sydney is doing in these pictures! ➹

We decided to try and do a random act of kindness once a week.  And, for most of the summer, we were pretty successful!  Our second act of kindness was to drop off supplies to make Root Beer Floats at our local firestation for the firefighters.  They were surprised and the girls were excited to see inside the firestation!

Next up was shopping for backpacks and school supplies for kids in our community who can't afford them. The girls have done this two years in a row and really like doing this for others.

Our final act of kindness was volunteering at Feed My Starving Children.  Sadly, Sydney had to sit out of this one because you have to be 5 to volunteer.  This was Liv's 4th or 5th time to volunteer here, and man was she a pro.  We went with Nana and Poppy, Riley and Mr. Dave, and even David came along too!

Our group packed 20 boxes with 36 bags of food in each box.  The boxes were being sent to Cambodia.  

Hopefully we can continue our Acts of Kindness throughout the year!

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Mom Cooper said...

I read this post way the other day and just realized I didn't comment on it. So here are my thoughts. I am so proud of you and the girls for doing random acts of kindness this summer. I can't wait to see what you do next summer. I always enjoy and feel so good about doing FMSC. That for sure will be on a list do so again.