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13 August 2016

Olivia's First Day of 2nd Grade

I have no idea how it is even possible that my first born baby girl is already in SECOND grade!  And, at this point, has already completed three weeks of her second grade school year.  It blows my mind {and breaks my heart} how quickly these kiddos grow up.

I absolutely LOVE Olivia's teacher this year, and I'm so thankful she has some very familiar faces in her classroom with her good buddies Riley and Nate.  She is learning so much, and I love seeing how far she is coming along with her reading, writing and math.

I'm proud of myself, also, because I have managed to print out the background poster for her 3 years in a row so we can have some consistency with First Day of School pictures! :)

➹ I'm thinking she was over my picture taking! ➹

She had a great first day, and has had a wonderful first few weeks too! Can't believe she's a second grader!  Seems like just yesterday we were taking these First Day of School pictures...

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Mom Cooper said...

Love my Liv so very much. I too can't believe she is in 2nd grade. I'm looking forward to seeing all that she will do this year.