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13 August 2016

Sydney's First Day of Pre-K

Right after we dropped Liv off at school for her first day of second grade, we headed over to Sydney's school for her Meet the Teacher day.  Her first official day of school was the very next day.  Sydney is lucky to have Mrs. Lisa, who was Olivia's Pre-K teacher as well.  She is a really sweet teacher who works very hard to teach these little 4 and 5 year olds some independence.  Sydney is doing awesome in the class and I'm so proud of how hard she works at school!

➹ Waiting to go in! ➹

➹ Sydney and her buddy, Ty! First day of school pose! ➹

➹ Sydney and her buddy, Ty!  Last day of school pose! ;) ➹

And, some comparisons....that just make me want to bawl my eyes out!

LOVE my sweet Sydney girl!


Mom Cooper said...

Oh how I love this girl. Syd is growing up right before our eyes. Looking forward to all she will accomplish this year.

Poppy said...

I sure love my little clone. She is sooooo sweet. I know that they gotta grow up but I sure wish I could slow it down a bit POPPY SURE LOVES THIS LITTLE GIRL.