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11 August 2016

Summer Bucket List: Musical Theatre Camp {And Circus Camp too}

Before summer even started, I asked Olivia if she would be interested in doing a musical theatre camp up at the local performing arts center.  It came highly recommended by several people, and although she didn't know anyone else signing up for it, Olivia said she wanted to do it.  So I signed her up for the last session of camp.

As we talked about it over the course of the summer, however, Olivia started getting really anxious about it.  She wanted me to cancel the class and became very adamant that she did not want to do it.  Even on the day of the camp, she had herself worked up into a tizzy over it.  I knew she would love it once she gave it a try and met some friends, so I gently encouraged her to go.

When we went to register, she started to tear up when they asked her what her name was to get the tshirt. :( day 3, she didn't even want to say goodbye to me at drop off before she was searching for her friends.  On the first afternoon of pickup, she told me that she met a girl who was in her group from 80s camp, and they became fast friends!

The performance she did was called "Rock the Class-Bah" and it was about rockers vs classical musicians....I think??  It was definitely over Olivia's head, but as she read over her script and the more she practiced the songs and the lines, the more she started understanding it.  They learned 7 or 8 songs, and Olivia's part had FOUR lines!!  She was a rocker, and boy did she ever ROCK her part!  I was {and still am} so super proud of her!!!!!

➹ Sheri and I spent a couple hours the night before her performance shredding her shirt so she could shred onstage! :) ➹

➹ Miss Holly is a teacher's aid at Olivia's school and worked in her kdg classroom and moved up with a student in a different 1st grade classroom.  She's a true gem of a lady and she and her daughter {and grand baby!} came to support Olivia in her performance on the last day of camp!  Liv was SOOOO excited for them to be there! ➹

While Olivia had camp at the performing arts center, Sydney made up for the girls missing a couple days of their other camps at Circus Camp!  She LOVED it, and I was amazed at how I was able to sort of dress her in theme!

We took advantage of Olivia's full day of camp and Sydney's half day to do a little Mommy and Me time.  We went and did her school supply shopping at Target -- can't believe she is a Pre-K kid!

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