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07 August 2010


Well, last night's BLTs and corn on the cob got swapped for a spontaneous trip back up to Avila.  This time, we hit up the Avila Farmers' Market.  We have been wanting to check this one out for some time, but are either gone on a Friday night, too beat from the week to leave the house, or just plain forget about it happening.  David came home a little earlier from work than normal and we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous evening.

Olivia met a little girl there and gave her a hug!

Need another angle of all that cuteness?  Here you go!

Internet, can I get a collective AWWWWWWW!

We are headed up this morning to Palo Alto for the weekend.  We simply didn't get enough of our friends Dave and Alissa in the short time we met with them last Sunday and we never got to meet up with the infamous Steph 1.  And, I am looking forward to actually feeling good {please don't jinx it, please don't jinx it} while we hang out with them.  Besides, Olivia was THIS little the last time she saw Soudy and she absolutely must get some face time in with him.

Speaking of little...look how tiny she was compared to David's La Costena burrito?!  We will definitely be making a visit there.

On another note, please keep my Aunt Patty and her family in your prayers.  Her mom passed away yesterday morning after living a spunky 95 years.  No matter how much she may have prepared herself for this time to be here, I am sure the next few days will be extremely difficult for her.

Happy Saturday from the Central Coast {and the Bay area too!}

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Mom Cooper said...

Oh my gosh, how sweet is that baby girl! I just love, love, love your posts. I thought it was hard Olivia's first year being so far away, but I think as she gets older and is doing more things on her own it is even harder. Thank goodness for Skype and your blog.