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15 November 2013

A Wild Time at the Zoo

Last Friday while my brother was in town, we took the girls to the Phoenix Zoo.  We hadn't been there in ages and my brother really wanted to film part of it and make a little movie trailer like he did with Olivia a couple years ago.  {You can see one of them here and another one here and another one here.}

It was a gorgeous day out and I had fun taking pictures with my new camera.  The girls were really well behaved and Sydney did a great job in her acting debut!  She even rode the camel for the first time!

A special thanks to Ryan for creating this trailer!


Mom Cooper said...

I really like your new format. The zoo pictures are awesome. Uncle Rino did a great job on his new adventure with Sydney.

Poppy said...

My thoughts exactly. That new camera is really clear. Those babies are growing up way too fast.