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03 November 2013

Fall Festival

Every year, my parents' church holds a fall festival right before Halloween.  It's a small little festival held in part of their parking lot, but it is a great chance to get out with our costumes and have some fun that doesn't involve going door to door.  Liv had her princess ballet class before the festival and she was so excited that she got to wear her costume to the class.  I didn't get a chance to take any pictures of her before she left, but I got some of Sydney in her costume.  I could just eat her up, she looks so cute!

➹ I wish she would have kept her hat on the whole time, but it was a little big and I think it annoyed her. ➹

➹ Liv won the cakewalk on her very first try! ➹

➹ Do you guys know how hard it is to get both girls to sit still, look at the camera and smile at the same time?  It's HARD! ➹

➹ David and the girls had fun playing the games and earning treats. ➹

➹ This girl has an ARM on her! ➹

➹ Aaannnndd, she learned how to scream! ➹

➹ Here is Sydney with her friend, Jessica.  
They met two years ago when they were just little babies. ➹

➹ Flashback... ➹

➹ I love Sydney's little smile here...right before she went in for a big hug! ➹

➹ She earned some vampire teeth and wore them well! ➹

➹ I'd say the Fall Festival was a hit this year! ➹

Check out our first visit to the festival here.


Poppy said...

Awesome pics Sis and the girls looked so cute. I know they had a great time as did the grand parents. You and David also enjoyed the fair. We are soooo happy you all are here and we get to enjoy everything with you all and the girls. Love you all so much.


Mom Cooper said...

I agree with Poppy on this one too. So glad we get to share all the neat things your family does. These pictures tell it all.