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02 November 2013

Costumes on Parade

The fall festivities continued on Wednesday morning with Olivia's costume parade at her school.  I am sure I have mentioned this before, but it is such a huge change from last year to this year with Olivia's classes.  Last year, during Halloween, Olivia only had two other kids in her class and her class was the only afternoon class {besides aftercare}.  This year, there are 11 other kids in her class and up to 6 other classes going on at the same time.  So, there are lots of kids and parents there in the mornings for drop-off.  I stuck around {as did many of the parents} to watch the kids parade from class to class collecting candy.  There were so many cute costumes -- it was so fun to see the kids dressed up.  I wanted Olivia to have her picture taken with Caleb again this year {especially after seeing how cute his costume was} so we met up a few minutes before school to take some pictures outside.  Caleb was such a special friend of hers last year, I'm still a little bummed they aren't in the same class this year.

➹ Can you even stand it?! ➹

➹ Caleb would not crack a smile...

... and so Olivia said, "Do pilots not smile?!?!" ➹

➹ So he gave a little smirk. ➹

➹ Her monster treat bag. {I volunteered the day she made that} ➹

➹ Two Iron Men! ➹

➹ We had to go in to see Ms. Susan, her teacher from last year. ➹

➹ First teachers are so special, aren't they? ➹

➹ Flashback to last year. ➹

Stay tuned for lots more Halloween pictures!  We celebrated for about a week. Ha! 

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