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13 November 2013

My Little Models

I'm sure I have mentioned it here before, but I am putting at least one picture of the girls {Olivia, Sydney or both} up on Instagram each day for the 2013 year.  We are 317 days in as of today and I've already posted 665 pictures of them with the hashtag #michelsongirls.  So, yeah, overachiever.

Sometimes I'm content with the pictures I take on my iPhone, but then I get mad at myself because I have an amazing DSLR {even more amazing now since my awesome husband upgraded our model as an early Christmas present!!!}.  So, I've tried to use that one a little bit more lately and have been getting the girls to show off their poses for me.

Olivia is obsessed with my Tar-Jay cowboy cowgirl boots because they "click clack" and so I finally had to get her a pair of her own.  They, sadly, do not click clack, but she likes them all the same.  {And, yeah, I couldn't get Olivia a pair without getting Sydney some too. Can you blame me?!}

So, in addition to being obsessed with the boots, I think she might have a little girl crush on Katy Perry.  We played her the Roar song a couple of weeks ago and that's pretty much taken over the Lennon and Maisy Ho Hey song request in the car.  Just about every day she asks me a new question about Katy Perry...where does she live? what are her parents names? can she come over for a play date? would she sing a special song with her for Daddy?  The other night we were in the car listening to John Mayer's Something Like Olivia {because, obviously...} and when I told her that the singer of that song was Katy Perry's boyfriend, her mind was blown.

I asked the girls to sing a little bit of the song {you can see them doing that in the previous few pictures} and I managed to get a little on video.  Unfortunately, Sydney got distracted by Magnum walking on the sidewalk and so you don't get to see her sing.  I'll try to get another version of the both of them soon.  {I'm working on our own little Lennon and Maisy duo with these two.}

Olivia Sings Katy Perry while Sydney Worries About Magnum from Amanda Michelson on Vimeo.

And, not to be left out on some solo pictures, here's a couple of my Sweet Sydney.  Oh this girl.  She is just the sweetest.  Have I ever mentioned how when she leans in to hug us, she almost always closes her eyes while she holds on...well, she does.  It's like she is feeling the hug.  She is beyond precious.


Mom Cooper said...

Sometimes I think my heart is going to burst with all the love I have for these girls. They are truly a blessing.

Poppy said...

So cute! And Lil Sydney worrying about Magnum was so funny