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23 November 2013

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

It seems so crazy to me that we haven't even celebrated Thanksgiving yet and we've already been to see Santa Claus, but my brother is in town and we wanted to include him in all the Ho Ho Ho fun so we went today to see our favorite jolly old man.

For the past few days, I've been prepping the girls on Santa Claus.  I knew Olivia would be okay, but I was a little worried about Sydney.  When I originally asked her if she would sit on Santa's lap she said no.  After a few YouTube videos of friendly Santas, she finally said she would.  Olivia drew a picture of Santa to give to him and I think it turned out amazing!  We pulled up drawings of Santa and Rudolph on the computer and she referenced those while she few her picture.

➹ That's a unicorn Dream Lite in Santa's bag.  I gotcha covered, Santa! ➹

We left this morning for Bass Pro's our favorite place to go to see Santa for a couple of reasons.  First and foremost, the pictures are free {and we don't mind that they plop the logo right in the corner of the picture, that's easy enough to crop out}.  But, what we really like are all of the activities that they have for the kids {and adults} to do while you wait.  They have a carousel, crafts, coloring, train sets, bow & arrows, and {lots of} photo ops.

➹ I mean.... ➹

Thankfully, my parents waited in the line for about an hour {the biggest drawback} while we entertained the girls, and then we just took them up when they were only a few people back.  Olivia did awesome -- she gave Santa her picture {and he loved it} and she snuggled up with him while she sat on his lap.

We thought that maybe when Sydney saw Olivia up on Santa's lap she would be okay with sitting up there too, but that definitely did not happen.  She cried.  And she wanted down.  And the back of David's head is in the free photo.  But, it's priceless and I love it anyway.

Mom and Dad wanted one with the girls, so we eventually coaxed Sydney into Poppy's arms for one more picture. 

I haven't scanned the ones they gave us, but this post is already picture heavy so I'll save it for another day.  After all of the pictures were taken, we headed over to the restaurant for some fish & chips.  And, of course, my little model wanted a couple other pictures taken.  So, here ya go.

➹ Finishing up her sucker from Santa. ➹

Aaaannnddd, if you haven't had enough of our pictures with Santa, click here to see last year's recap and here to see the year before that.  And, if you want to see another one, click here to see Liv's first visit to Santa.  

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Mom Cooper said...

Cute, cute pictures of the girls. One of these years BOTH girls will sit on Santa's lap and both will have a smile on their faces.

So glad we get to experience these fun times with the Michelson family.