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02 November 2013

Oh, You Know, Another Pumpkin Patch

You know, sometimes you get a taste of something good and you just want more of it.  I guess that's how we feel about pumpkin patches because a couple days after going to Schnepf Farms, we decided to hit up another pumpkin patch with the girls.  Cute photo ops, bounce houses, petting zoos, what's not to love?!  All other pumpkin patches pale in comparison to Schnepf's, but the girls had a good time nonetheless.  

➹ I wanted this alpaca to come home with us. ➹

➹ Riding some sort of train made from plastic barrels. ➹

This particular pumpkin patch was located in an area where there are horse stables and open arenas for rodeos and horse training.  As we were leaving, we saw a teenage girl working with her horse.  Always the inquisitive one, Olivia walked over to talk to her and ask her a million and one questions.  Her family was there with her and they were all so sweet and kind and patient with Olivia.  They answered every one of her questions and even gave us the name of someone who would possibly do lessons with Olivia.  {Someone I had called a couple months ago told me to wait until she was 5 or 6.}  

While Olivia was doing her interview, Sydney and I walked over to see some of the horses in the stables and one was spotted just like a giraffe.  She kept saying, "giraffe, giraffe" over and over.  When we walked back, I told the lady what she had said and she asked if we had seen the real giraffes on the other side.  Giraffes? Whattttt?  Well, sure enough, the neighboring field had two giraffes, two zebras and a few donkeys just grazing in the yard.  It was too dark to get any good pictures, but we definitely plan on going back to check them out again.  And, as for Olivia, she just told me that she wants to be a horse trainer when she grows up!

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