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02 November 2013

Halloween Class Party

I somehow sort of volunteered to be the Room Mom for Olivia's class this year, which basically means that I am in charge of organizing the class parties.  Whiiiiichh, basically means that I agonize over every single tiny detail for weeks before the actual party and worry that any failures on my part means that Olivia won't get to move on to Kindergarten.  {Okay, I may be exaggerating a little bit, but my inner perfectionist certainly does come out...}

Before I left for Hawaii, I met with Olivia's teacher and we sort of planned out the centers that the kids would do for the party and then over fall break, I emailed the parents asking for volunteers and supplies.  At the party, the kids were going to decorate cookies, play Halloween bingo, make Halloween masks and do a sticker graphing activity.  I already had the Halloween bingo game from when I taught {it was handed down to me from my mom} and I ordered the mask kit from eBay and the graphing stickers from Oriental Trading Company.

The weekend before the party, I made a sample graph and laid out some of my supplies.  Then on Monday night after the girls went to bed, I set everything out and organized all of the stickers for the graphing activity and the mask decorating.  I checked, double checked and then triple checked everything to make sure the party was a success.

➹ I put David in charge of this activity.  He was great with the kids! ➹

➹ Her cookie, covered in sprinkles. ➹

➹ Currently my favorite picture! ➹

➹ YUM! ➹

And, phew, I passed round one of my Room Mom duties with flying colors {if I do say so myself}.  The party was a hit and all the kids looked like they had a blast.

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Poppy said...

Olivia is such a beautiful little girl. I know you all are so proud of her but do you really know how proud Poppy is of her and her mommy and daddy?