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14 November 2013

She Got Her Hairs Cut

You can probably tell from the last set of pictures that Sydney has gotten her hair cut since Halloween.  I LOVE her hair in a bob, but I let it grow out a bit for Halloween {I wanted them in pigtails}.  She has the most perfect straight hair {and I just know when she is older that she will be envious of her sisters curls because the grass is always greener yada yada}.  Anyway, after Halloween was over, I took her in to our beloved Snip-Its for a trim.  The girl did a great job and put some layers in the back so that it would sort of stack.  It looks SO stinkin' cute!

Some befores:

And some afters:


Mom Cooper said...

I think she is a doll with this new do too. But I think she is a doll no matter how her hair do is.

Poppy said...

She is so precious! Love that sweet baby.