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03 November 2013

An Oz-some Halloween!

A couple of months ago, Olivia spent the night at a friend's house and watched the Wizard of Oz for the first time.  Shortly after, we were discussing Halloween and she mentioned that she would like to dress as Dorothy.  Well, you know I love a theme, so I decided to run with it.  It also helped that I had seen a cute "scarecrow princess" costume in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog and wanted one of my girls to wear it.  So, we had our Dorothy and our Scarecrow and the rest were up for grabs.  I went with an easy {read: generic} witch, David went as the Tin Man {obviously} and we lucked out in finding a lion costume at Target for Magnum.  Mission accomplished.

Since the weather is so nice this time of year, most people giving out candy sit outside in their driveway and give out candy.  My parents even come over to our house to give our candy away.  Our neighborhood has some really fun streets that sort of group multiple houses together into one driveway so you can sort of just make one stop and hit them all up.  One street goes all out with a DJ/emcee.  They talk to all of the people dressed up and they loved our costumes!  Olivia even sang into the microphone, "We're off to see the wizard...."

Halloween is so much fun, but I am so glad it only comes once a year!

Annnnndddd, now we are all caught up!


Poppy said...

Again, awesome pics Sis! And in the words of Olivia, "This was the best Halloween ever!"


Mom Cooper said...

I have shared the Halloween pictures with a lot of people and everyone is in awe that the "whole family" is dressed from the Wizard of Oz. I always say I can't wait to see what you will come up with next year.

Great pictures, great time.