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04 November 2013

My Preschool Superstar

After patiently waiting for 2 1/2 months, it is finally time for Olivia to be the Star of the Week in her Pre-K class!  This weekend we pulled out our markers and colored pencils and favorite pictures and went to work decorating her Star of the Week poster.  I think it looks pretty good if you ask me!

It's hard to read some of the things from the picture, but it says that her favorite color is pink {shocking, I know}, her favorite book is Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon, and that she wants to be a horse trainer when she grows up.  She also lists each and every one of her friends...from her California ones to all her classmates at school.  There is also a picture of her and Magnum and of her eating ice cream since that is her favorite food.  Actually, when I asked her, she said her favorite food was sugar.  You know I'm doing something right.  :/  

This week she gets to bring in her favorite toy, her favorite book and her favorite toy to share with her class.  I think she is taking in the Molly Lou Melon book, some Littlest Pet Shop figurines and {another shock} her Guess Who? game.

And, in other school news, we got her school pictures back a few weeks ago.  I normally only order the disc of the image and then print off what we want at Costco, but I decided this year to get a few prints as well...mostly so I could have some instant gratification and see how she looked the second I picked up her picture.  Oh mercy.  Of all years for me to do that.  Here's how that picture looked:

Now, I love my daughter and I think she is beautiful.  But, that is just not a good picture.  She looks like she is either scared to death or like she's sitting on the toilet.  {Sorry, sweetie, but it's true.}  I think I got these pictures back right before I went to Hawaii and I kept looking on our weekly newsletter for when retakes were going to be because...obviously.  Well, last week when I was volunteering I asked Mrs. Lisa when the retakes were and she pointed me in the direction of the snack lady/photographer.  She looked really confused as to what I was asking and then said, "Well, what was the problem with the picture?" to which I replicated the above face.  Well, she went home and looked through her pictures and found a much better picture and printed them off for me.   So, here is her official Pre-K school photo:

Definitely so much better.  If you want, you can look back at last year's picture here.  I know they only have a few minutes to get the kids in the seat and they do their best to capture a good picture.  There is nothing like a candid picture of your kids or one where they are genuinely smiling, but there's just something about a series of school pictures that I want to have for my girls when they grow up.


Poppy said...

Wow! A horse trainer..............where did that come from? She is a beautiful gal, I just love the last pic. You can just see how far she has come in the last year. So very proud of her.


Mom Cooper said...

You both did a great job on the poster. I hope it is one you keep and share with her at her high school graduation party. She is growing up so fast.