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10 December 2013

Oh Christmas Tree

We arrived home from Portland right around bedtime for the girls on Tuesday night and it was business as usual once we got home.  Olivia had school the next morning {and thank you, Sydney, for sleeping until 10:15 that morning and helping me ease back into things} and it was time to start thinking about Christmas.  I honestly feel so behind right now.  I think there are two weeks until Christmas and I hardly have any presents {and none wrapped}.  Our Christmas cards are ordered, but not in and tonight was the first time I've done laundry since before we left {I know that has nothing to do with Christmas, but everything to do with being behind}.  By Thursday morning, we had all of our decorations down and by Thursday night almost all of them were up.

We are still doing many of our Christmas traditions -- we are opening an Advent book each night, the girls gave out chocolate Advent calendars to their little friends, they got their Christmas jambes already, our elves are back {the next post will be about our breakfast} and I plan on getting them new ornaments this year as well.

The girls helped me decorate the tree this year which was part really cool and part nerve wracking.  But, it definitely made me excited for years to come when they look back fondly at the ornaments that we've collected.  I tried to get a few {good} pictures of them in front of the tree this year, but....well, you'll see.

➹ She wants to pose the whole time, but sometimes just ends up making weird faces. ➹

➹ She is just not having it. Ha ha. ➹

➹ Then she tries to smile like her sister. ➹

➹ Best I could get...➹

And, in sort of unrelated news, here is Irma's tree!  Holy Amazingness! Maybe Sydney was mad that ours didn't look like this!


Poppy said...

Those are some awesome pictures of the girls. Love love love them.


Mom Cooper said...

I love seeing the many faces of my grand babies. Their own personality shines in their different looks. Amanda, you did a wonderful job getting the house ready for the Christmas season.