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07 December 2013

A November Catch Up

I'm not sure why I feel like my kids are going to look back at their childhood and say, "Mom, why didn't you write a blog post about that time we frolicked around Target on a rainy Friday night?" because I'm pretty sure they won't, but after 5 years of doing this little blog, it's hard for me to just leave some things out.  So, here ya go, some random pictures from the end of November and, yeah, some pictures of a rainy Friday night adventure at Target... just in case.

➸➸ Olivia had her first official sick day from Pre-K.  Trust me, she's missed days before, but it's been for fun stuff, but a couple weeks ago I went in her room with her breakfast {yes, the lucky girl gets woken up with breakfast in bed almost every morning before school} and she immediately burst into tears and told me she had a booboo in her mouth.  She felt warm and so I kept her home.  There's a rule that the kids have to be fever free for 24 hours and I kind of guessed she had a little fever that afternoon, so she missed the next day as well.  David and I looked in her throat and decided I should take her in to make sure there wasn't something really wrong.  Of course, her temp was totally normal and the bumps on her throat were supposed to be there.  Whooops.

➸➸  I think part of her not feeling well was brought on by a change in weather.  It rained for the whole weekend and so we adventured through Target that Friday night.  Targeting with David {see also: Costcoing with David} is an adventure.  He likes to wander through each and every aisle.  He takes his time without a care in the world.  Now, I love Target.  LOVE Target.  But, when I have the girls with me, I want to get. her. done.  But, you know, it was actually kind of fun doing it his way this time.

➸➸  I just love the relationship that my two girls are forming.  Don't get me wrong, they fight just like you would expect them to, but when they are sweet with each other, it just warms my heart.  The other night they crawled into Sydney's crib and pretended to have a slumber party.  Olivia told me just a couple days ago that she wants to give Sydney's crib to a family who is having a baby and then Sydney can sleep in her bed with her.  I'm not ready for Sydney to give up her crib just yet, but I love the idea of them sharing a room.

➹ Pretend this is a hug in the bath instead of the start of a WWF move by Sydney. ➹

➸➸  And, this jumps ahead to just a few days ago, but my mom grabbed a couple names off of her church's Angel Tree and Olivia and I had a fun little date picking out clothes and toys that the kids would want.  It was hard for her at times because she wanted an outfit or a toy for herself and I had to remind her that this day was about someone else.  Then she wanted to get everything for the little girl.  I think she would love this Frozen castle {that cost $99} or  Ooooh, I bet she wants this pink bike.   We settled on a few outfits and an activity book for the girl and {earlier in the day} Sydney and I picked out some trucks and a book for the little boy.

➸➸  I've got lots to catch everyone up on.  We just got back from Thanksgiving in Portland and so I'm already feeling super behind on Christmas.  I just unpacked my suitcase {and David's is still sitting on the floor with all his clothes still in it} if that tells you anything.  This week is super busy for us with lots of fun Christmas activities so I really need to get caught, stay tuned for a few more posts from me in the next couple of days.  

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