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15 December 2013

Liv's Christmas Program

We just got back from the most amazing weekend away, but before I can tell y'all about that trip, I need to catch you up on last week!  {And, since I'm working on Christmas cards and Christmas presents and really want to watch Thursday's Scandal, this is gonna be quick.}

Olivia had her Christmas program on Monday night, so we got the girls all dressed up in their holiday dresses.  I got these dresses last year after the New Year {super marked down} and they've been hanging in our hall closet all year waiting to be worn!  I may have gone a bit crazy styling Liv's {hello, cream, red, black heart stockings and gold shoes}, but both girls looked and felt very stylish and that's what counts.

Liv's class did two songs and even though she had sung them for us at least 100 times, she looked as scared as could be up on that stage.  After they were done, David turned to me and said, "I think all the color drained from her face!"  Bless her heart.  {You can click here to watch her performance.}

MVI 0804 from Amanda Michelson on Vimeo.

After the show, we chatted with Santa and Olivia sat on his lap again.  Sydney wanted nothing to do with him and would barely take the candy cane from him.  Next year?


Poppy said...

That was a very special Christmas program for me. I love it, and Olivia was great. Her class was by far the BEST! Lil Sydney will come around next year and be a Santa's girl. They looked solo darn cute. Made Poppy very proud for sure!

Love those girls,


Mom Cooper said...

I agree with Poppy it was a wonderful Christmas program. Olivia is growing up so quickly. I am so proud of her. Sydney will be a Santa lover soon enough. She too is a doll.