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19 December 2013

That Canyon is Grand!

After our fun trip on the Polar Express, the only real thing on our agenda for the weekend was to see some snow and maybe watch a parade.  Both of those things were hopefully going to be accomplished on Saturday, which meant we had Friday's schedule wide open!  We were only about an hour away {I think?} from the Grand Canyon and the last time we were there, the girls were both sort of sick, so we decided Why Not?!

We putzed around Williams for awhile and then headed up {over?} to the South Rim at the Grand Canyon.  We ended up just sort of taking our time doing whatever we wanted....we played around in the gift shop/bookstore for awhile, we explored the visitor's center, and after I got freaked out by the lack of safety at one of the viewpoints, we spent about an hour inside the geological center.  And then, to end the day, we went over to see the fun Christmas decorations at the El Tovar Hotel.

I think the girls enjoyed it and I know we did too.  I sort of wish I wasn't such a worry wort about them being close to the edge, but you guys, some of those view points are just a straight drop and I would much rather be safe than sorry.  You can still get a pretty doggone good view 6 feet back from the edge!  I mean...that canyon is pretty big!

Pictures of Williams:

Pictures from the Grand Canyon:

➹ When I took this picture, she said, They will think I am climbing a mountain! ➹

➹ Snow in the Grand Canyon! ➹

* Interesting fact:  When we were in the geological center, the guide had a telescope focused on the Lodge at the North Rim.  It was 10 miles across the canyon, but would have taken about 5 hours to drive the 200 miles around.  If you walked it, it was 24 miles.  Crazy!


Poppy said...

Awesome pics Sis. That was a great weekend for you all. I know the girls will be able to look back on this album and appreciate what you have been doing for them.

Love thiose girls,


Mom Cooper said...

Awesome pictures of your visit to the canyon. I am so glad you all took the time to see it again and this time with snow. I don't think people realize just how GRAND the canyon is.