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12 December 2013

Parade of Lights

We are about to head to Flagstaff for the weekend where the highs will be in the 30s and 40s and the lows will be in the teens, and I'm about to talk about how it was too cold here last weekend when the temps dropped into the 50s in the evening.  Trust me, I see the irony in this.

Anyway, last weekend was the local Parade of Lights and Liv's preschool invites all families to get merry and bright and walk in the parade to support the school.  I missed last year because I was on the east coast visiting my friend Brad and I really was looking forward to doing it this year.  The night before the parade, the girls and I went out to dinner with my parents and I about froze getting in the car.  I pretty much decided then and there that we weren't going to the parade.  {Bad Mom, right?}

I knew David wanted to go and so I sort of lucked out when Sydney wasn't feeling the greatest on Saturday.  David ended up taking Olivia and her friend across the street while I stayed home with Sydney.

➹ Enjoying hot chocolate after the parade. ➹

➹ Pony rides are always a good idea! ➹

The girls looked cute getting all lit up with portable lights and I know they all had a blast.  Next year... {even though Olivia will be in kindergarten and I don't know if Sydney will be in preschool yet}.

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Mom Cooper said...

David was a good daddy to take Olivia and her friend Brooke to the parade. They looked adorable. Glad they had fun.