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29 December 2013

We Had a Holly Jolly Christmas!

I saw something posted on Facebook or Instagram that basically said that they thought Christmas was the best thing as a kid...until they had kids and got to see Christmas through their eyes.  And, it is so true.  I love being able to do Christmas with our girls and even though every year we say we are scaling back {and in my mind I think we have}, I just get so excited about thinking of how much fun they will have with their new things.

I feel so lucky that we are able to do a big Christmas in our house...where the girls are able to go to sleep in their own beds and wake up to see that Santa was here while they slept peacefully.  This year, like the last two years, Mom, Dad, and Ryan came over with breakfast goodies so we could open up stockings and gifts with full bellies.

➹ The one thing on Olivia's wish list was a unicorn Pillow Pet Dream Light.  Her face when she saw it was priceless! ➹

➹ Lots of Frozen gifts this Christmas! ➹

➹ Smarties! ➹

➹ My dad got these for the girls.  A lion and... ➹

➹ ... a monkey.  And... ➹

➹ CLARK!! ➹

➹ True story:  We Santa got Sydney this little Sofia the First toy camera and she smiles better for it than she does my phone or real camera.  So, when I want her to smile for my camera, I pull it out and pretend I'm taking a picture of her with it next to my camera. ➹

➹ The girls got each other Frozen dolls for Christmas. ➹

➹ It's safe to say they like them. ➹

 ➹ Group hug! ➹

➹ David clearly loved his National Geographic magazine! ➹

➹ The girls got Twirly Girl skirts for Christmas and Olivia immediately took off the Christmas one she had one to put this Minnie Mouse one on.  And then did the same thing once the Wonder Woman one got opened! ➹

➹ I surprised David with tickets to Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me when they come here in February!  It was a hard secret to keep, but it was so worth it.  Look at that face! ➹

➹ Who says girls can't have sporty toys?! ➹

➹ Sk8r Boy! ➹

➹ Sweet girl wanted to join the fun outside.  Love this girl. ➹

➹ And, biggest surprise of Christmas brother got the girls a motorized VW Beetle.  They love it and have ridden in it every single day! ➹

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and wish you many blessings in the New Year!

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Mom Cooper said...

Can't believe Christmas has come and gone AGAIN. I think Olivia said it best when she said that this was the best Christmas ever! I am so glad our family was able to celebrate together. Thanks for all the beautiful pictures of Christmas as a reminder of that oh so special day.