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22 December 2013

A Miscellaneous Christmas

Aaaaannnndddd, here's some miscellaneous Christmas stuff we've been up to.

➸  ➸ We had a couple of the girls' little friends come over to decorate some small gingerbread houses.  I assembled those bad boys the night before with hot glue and realized just how small they really were.  I tried to put together larger one that I had and the darn thing completely collapsed.  Oh well, the kiddos had fun decorating and eating and then running around the house burning off all of that sugar!

➸ ➸ I enlisted the help of two of the cutest little elves around to wrap some presents.  Honestly, before yesterday, I didn't have a single present wrapped.  David and I stayed up late to wrap some more presents for the girls.  My goal is to have everything wrapped by Monday because on Tuesday, I plan to spend the day making Grandma Irma's Famous Bolognese sauce!

➸ ➸ Last night, we hopped on our bikes and rode around the neighborhood to check out the lights and decorations!  It was definitely cold, but I can't believe we were riding bikes and looking at Christmas lights.  So not my childhood....

➹ Still obsessed with the manger scenes. ➹

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Poppy said...

Some really good pictures of the girls. looks like everyone had a good time building ginger bread houses.

Love those girls,


Mom Cooper said...

Glad the kiddos like making gingerbread houses, It's Christmas day and you got it all done!!