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11 December 2013

Another Elf on the Shelf Breakfast

As if our lives weren't busy enough, we had to go and add another elf to our family.  I sometimes get so worried about everything being fair and equal with our girls and adding another elf is just the result of that worry...  I didn't want the girls fighting over who was going to get to take Bunky with them and I wanted them each to have one that we used in our home, so we got another one to use.  I'm crazy, I know.  You don't need to call me out on that.  And, don't even get me started on the clothes that I'm saving for my future granddaughters.

Anyway, our elves don't just show up to our house without some sort of grand welcoming, so we had another Elf on the Shelf breakfast for everyone.  {You can see last year's breakfast here and our very first Elf on the Shelf breakfast here.}  The girls were surprised when they woke up and Olivia was really excited to meet our new elf...especially since she is a girl!  And she wears a skirt!  She pretty much started calling her Sparkle from the get-go, but later added Snowflake to it.  It's all sorts of backwards, but our new elf's name is Snowflake Sparkle.  {And, it's so cute hearing Sydney pronounce it!}

Without further are some pictures from our breakfast!

➹ We haven't finished writing our letters to Santa know, just a tad behind over here. ➹

➹ She loved these donuts.  Tastykakes for the win!

➹ She loved them too! ➹

➹ I'm getting better at my reindeer donuts! ➹

My dad had to volunteer that morning, so he missed our breakfast, but my mom came over and brought the girls a few presents.  {She has a really hard time saving gifts, but to be fair, these needed to be opened so they could enjoy them before Christmas.}  She brought the girls two new ornaments and a new Christmas book each.  They loved them and they look super cute hanging on our tree.

➹ Lucky girls to have such a wonderful Nana. ➹

After the breakfast, we decorated a gingerbread house with the girls.  My mom already had the house put together which made it much easier.  Sydney was over it after the first few pieces of candy, but Olivia did a good job helping out.  {You can see our decorating from last year here. Also, if you click that link, you'll see Olivia in a cute brown & pink dress.  Sydney just wore that dress a few night's ago. How does that happen?!} 

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Mom Cooper said...

Oh how I love these times doing family traditions, especially with my two beautiful grand daughters. I will never take for granted how blessed I am to have the Michelson family living so close to us.