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21 December 2013

Snow! Sleds! and S'Mores! Oh MY!

Snow, sleds and S'mores all in one fun-filled Saturday! Shoot, and we even attended a parade!  

After our little jaunt to the Grand Canyon, we drove down to Flagstaff where we were staying the rest of the weekend and checked into our hotel.  My amazing husband upgraded our hotel room to a 2 bedroom suite with a little kitchen and even a fireplace in the living room.  I'm so glad he did because that extra room was definitely needed over the course of the next two days with boots and mittens and hats and gloves and ski pants!  {As much as I loved the snow, I sure am glad we don't have to deal with that on a regular basis!}

We decided to check out a place called Snow Play, where you pay a fee to get in and then can stay as long as you want to go sledding.  I was a little worried about Olivia because she started out refusing to wear the snow bibs that I had searched all over town for {and then found at WalMart in Flagstaff for $3 each} because she didn't think they were cute.  {Lord, help me.}  But, she finally came around and got dressed and was thankful that she was dry and warm the whole time.  Anyway, Snow Play had some smaller hills, so that was perfect for the girls.  And after awhile, Olivia even warmed up to the bigger ones.  David was amazing and dressed in his snow boarding attire, pulled the girls up the hills after each run and went down with them so many times that he eventually cracked the sled.  It was worth it!

➹ Their first time down together! ➹

➹ My favorite picture from the afternoon! ➹

➹ David pulling the girls up.... ➹

➹ How Olivia was laying {on purpose}. ➹

Here are a couple of them sledding together {that's not them screaming} and a selfie of Olivia sliding down in front of me!  

IMG 0546 from Amanda Michelson on Vimeo.
Untitled from Amanda Michelson on Vimeo.

After cracking a sled and rendering it unusable, a kind family gave us one that they weren't planning on using anymore and David did a few more runs with them before taking off.  We left just in time to beat the traffic from there and the Snow Bowl that closes at the same time.

We headed back to our hotel and quickly got changed and then drove in to town for some dinner and the parade.  Without the sun out, the girls were definitely not thrilled with the much colder temperature.  We scored an awesome parking spot on the parade route, but it was a little farther from all of the restaurants.  So, we definitely did a quick dash to grab some food.  Like I said, our parking spot was amazing.  After dinner, we headed back to the car, opened up the trunk of the car and all four of us squeezed back there and cuddled up under blankets to watch the parade.  We seriously couldn't have asked for a better spot.

The parade lasted until about 6:45 {which was perfect because even in the car, we were freezing} and so we dashed off at the end and headed to the store to pick up some supplies for S'mores.  We got home, changed into jammies, started the fire and turned on the tv to find that Rudolph was on {followed by Frosty the Snowman}! 

➹ She's actually saying her prayers by the fire. ➹

Some days are long and hard and full of obstacles, but this day?  This day was perfectly perfect!

A few pictures from sledding the next morning at the hotel...

➹ I could never get a good picture of how cute she looked in those little snow bibs!  But, trust me, she looked adorable! ➹


Mom Cooper said...

I'm glad you all had fun in the snow. Nana will keep her fun in the sun. I loved seeing you playing in the snow tho. Pictures say it all. And it looked like ALL had fun.

Poppy said...

WOW! What a fun filled weekend for you and he family. The girls will remember this weekend forever. The pics were again awesome. And dad sure did a great job pulling he girls up the hill. Oh to be young again.

Love those girls!