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10 December 2013


Like I mentioned in the last post, we spent Thanksgiving up with Peter and Irma just north of Portland.  Knock on wood, we almost always luck out with great weather while we are up there.  We had a couple rainy days, but we also had a couple of days of gorgeous sunshine.  Thanksgiving Day was one of those days and it was so much fun spending some time outside with our girls and their cousins riding in their little motorized cars around the driveway.

The food was amazing as usual and Irma bought the kids the cutest little tables from Pottery Barn Kids and had them decorated especially for them.  Honestly, I think I spent more time eating at the kids' table than at the adult one.

The girls had an absolute blast hanging out with their cousins.  Apparently trying to figure out the difference in names between Arden and Anders was too much for Olivia, so she would always call them "the tall one" or "the five year old."  Sydney had it out for Baby Brooks who is a year older than her, but pretty much the same size as her.  Bless his heart, he was not enjoying having to share his toys, his food, his brothers or his grandparents with her.  We took the kiddos to see Frozen in the cutest little movie parlor...I wish we had ones like that here!

Marissa took some AMAZING pictures of our family the day after Thanksgiving in the cute town of Camas.  I can't wait to share those with you, but I need to wait until our Christmas cards arrive in everyone's mailboxes {including mine...}.

It was so great catching up with all of the family who was there.  David's cousin who I had never met was in town and it was so great meeting him and hearing about some of his family.  We had great intentions of visiting other friends and family while we were out there, but a week is just not nearly long enough I guess.  Hopefully we can get back out there this summer!

The girls did great on the plane ride back as well.  Olivia did sticker books pretty much the entire time and David was a gem and walked Sydney up and down the aisles several times when she got antsy.  Sweet girl fell asleep on the way to the airport, slept through the shuttle ride from the car rental, stayed asleep through check-in and security and woke up right before we boarded the plane.  So, you know, she had some energy... ;)

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