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25 July 2015

A Lava Pool Party

Holy Smokes, Riley is 6!!  Our sweet friend, Riley, just turned 6 years old and had the cutest pool party ever.  Her mom is so creative, and we just knew the party and decor would be incredible, and boy were we right!

Riley's party was a couple days after her actual birthday, but we couldn't let that day go by without showering her with treats.

Riley wanted a lava and pool party, so Sheri's Hawaiian luau theme complete with little chocolate tikis, handmade Hawaiian dresses for the girls, fire crowns, and a volcano cake was absolute perfection.  The girls had a blast swimming and eating and looked so cute in their new dresses.  And, they were blown away by the erupting cake!

➹ These dresses are upcycled from men's shirts! How awesome is that?! ➹

 ➹ The beach is 3 different colors of sanding sugar!  And the volcano is made from rice crispies and cocoa puffs. ➹

Happy Birthday, Riley!  Thanks for letting us celebrate YOU with such a fun party!


Mom Cooper said...

Oh my gosh, I am blown away by not only the decorations and cake but the cute, cute dresses that were actually given to the girls. Fun time.

Poppy said...

More great oics and love love love the dresses for the girls. That is indeed impressive.