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24 July 2015

Lucky Number 7

For our 7th wedding anniversary and a last hoorah before school started {and let's face it, an escape from the heat of the desert}, the kiddos and I surprised David with a trip up north to Flagstaff.  Oh man, Flagstaff.  How do I love thee, especially in the summertime, let me count the ways.

I love you for your much cooler temperatures.  I love you for all the things you allow us to do outside.  I love you for your wildlife.  I love you for your shopping. And, I love you for your food.  {I'm looking at you, Mama Burger!}

 ➹ My Jem-loving, 80's girl! ➹

➹ Rockin' the clip-ons! ➹

Our two big attractions that the girls and I had planned for the weekend were the Deer Farm and Bearizona.  They were both incredible!  I have a thing for deer, and so the deer farm was just the coolest for me.  We bought a couple cups of deer food, and once inside the gates, the deer just followed us everywhere.  They are so used to eating out of people's hands.  Sydney took right to them, but it took awhile for Liv to warm up to the idea of them licking her hand.  The farm had bison, goats, a couple of wallabies, reindeer, alpacas, and even a camel...that David kissed!

➹ This one cracks me up because it's like she is telling that deer something and it's really listening to her! ➹

➹ No such thing as too many deer pictures, am I right?! ➹

➹ What! About! Me! ➹

➹ It's a ZONKEY! ➹

➹ Can I please just have one or two or three for myself?! ➹

It was going to be hard to top that experience, and I'm still not sure we did, but a few miles up the road was Bearizona.  Bearizona is a drive through wildlife park with bears {obviously}, bighorn sheep, bison, and wolves.  You have the option of riding an open air bus {which we did} and/or driving through on your own {we did that too}.  I'm glad we road the bus because our driver gave us a lot of information, and she also fed some of the animals, so they came a little closer to the bus.  In between driving through the park, we watched a bird show, grabbed a snack, and walked around to see some of the bear cubs and other animals in their pens.

➹ Please keep arms and legs inside the bus, and please, NO SELFIES! ➹

➹ This was the only bear picture I got, and they are not in the drive through part.  Whoops. ➹

In case we hadn't worn the kids out enough, we stopped and picked up swimsuits {from Target} and pizza {from Nimarcos} for a night of pizza and swimming.  

The next morning, we walked through the Flagstaff Farmer's Market {where on our way out, we encountered the bird man} and then walked through town one last time before hitting up Mama Burger on our way out.  How do they get their tater tots so crispy?!

Until next time, Flagstaff!
And, happy anniversary to us! 


Mom Cooper said...

What a fun and exciting anniversary weekend. I love all the pictures, next time I think Nana and Poppy need to go too. Glad you all were able to get away for a special family time.

Poppy said...

Awesome place for kids and I love all the great pics. Even the animals appear to be posing for you.